Ravago Building Solutions

Developing & distributing specialized building and construction products and solutions across European, Turkish and CIS markets.

Ravago Building Solutions

Being one of the historic cornerstones of the Ravago Group, the Ravago Building Solutions (RBS) business has grown from a local Belgian activity in the sixties to a pan-European division dedicated to developing and distributing specialized building & construction solutions across European, Turkish and CIS markets.

RBS has invested in its own production activities in insulation, waterproofing and finished plastics such as foil, bags, buckets and pipes. Across a wide range of countries, RBS has its own outlets or access to the local network of dealers serving thousands of customers.

The portfolio includes products for thermal and sound insulation, waterproofing, dry construction, construction chemicals, geosynthetics, façade systems, ETICS, foils and bags. RBS benefits from strategic partnerships with leading brands that have a longstanding expertise in the building & construction industry.

RBS is part of the Ravago Group. You can find more info on other activities of the group on  www.ravago.com

A strategy of profitable growth

Our strategy is one of profitable growth, both organically as through targeted acquisitions.

First, we aim to further grow our geographic footprint. Second, we will focus on expanding our manufacturing assets in areas with long term growth and value creation potential, addressing trends driving future growth of the market of finished building and construction materials and leveraging synergies with other activities of the Ravago group. Third, we will continue developing strategic partnerships with leading brands in the building and construction sector to complement our own production activities.

We can offer our partners local intimacy combined with global scale: local access to our extensive customer network while benefiting from the Ravago Group’s scale and infrastructure in logistics and support service activities.

More info can be found on www.ravagobuildingsolutions.com