Our Mission

At Ravago we define our mission as a sustainable service. We provide a superior distribution, resale, compounding and recycling service for plastic and elastomeric raw materials. The quality of service to our customers is reliable and technically proficient. Ravago conducts this business ethically in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers and stewardship with our staff.

Ravago Group

When Raf Van Gorp founded Ravago in 1961, he was given the opportunity to buy the premises of a dynamite company in Arendonk, Belgium. This enabled him to work out the luminous idea he had: recycling production waste from the plastics producing petrochemical companies. From there, the company grew into a successful service provider to the petrochemical industry as a distributor and reseller of plastic resins. Diversification towards production and distribution of building products guaranteed a second revenue line in Europe. Today, the Ravago Group is the number one service provider in the global market of plastics, rubber and chemicals.

Our Values

The essence of Ravago can be captured by its values. In spite of being a fast-growing multinational, Ravago insists on maintaining the family culture and does this by promoting close interaction not only between employees, but also with customers and suppliers. We attach high importance to operational discretion and human modesty, and manage objectively with an open mind and a flexible organization. Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth, both by nurturing internal talent and by attracting external talent. Ravago operates as an ethical company pursuing excellence, which is only possible thanks to the company’s most valuable assets: the people.

Ravago has taken multiple actions to verify the absence of forced labor, slavery and human trafficking within its group and supply chain.

Read Ravago's policy Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking >

Facts & Figures

Today, the Ravago Group represents over

4.000.000 metric tons of annual polymer sales


serving more than

40.000 active customers



230 offices


across more than

55 countries worldwide.


Ravago’s production competence consists of 

30 manufacturing facilities


of which

19 recycling and compounding plants in North America, Europe and Turkey


with a combined annual capacity of over

500.000 metric tons



11 production plants in Belgium, Greece, Turkey and Russia

that are offering finished product solutions for the building and construction sector.


This all would not have been possible without the help of its 

5500 employees


More info can be found on www.ravago.com